Welcome to MotiTex: Your One-Stop textile buying partner in Pakistan, China & Bangladesh!

MotiTex is a versatile textile buying office & manufacturer dealing in a vast range of home textiles, kitchen textiles, terry towels, hospital textile, fabrics, casual apparel, stock-lots, sports socks, used clothing & leather items. Our strategic partnership with a multitude of textile manufacturers spans Pakistan, India, China & Bangladesh to ensure sourcing & manufacturing of all kinds of textile & apparel items from the South Asian region.

As your one-stop office in Pakistan (head office), the largest cotton producing country in the region, we attend to all your needs from the time you send an inquiry till the goods are received at the port of destination. Working in developing countries can be a tedious task with production problems, quality issues & shipment delays. Our aim is to make buying from Pakistan simple & effortless, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. We ensure our customers receive quality products at competitive prices in a timely fashion to make your experience trouble-free, profitable & enjoyable.

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